Welcome to Sparkwell Primary School's website. I hope you enjoy exploring our website and please get in touch if you would like to visit or find out more about our lovely little school.

From September 2020 we have spaces in a few year groups, you are welcome to give us a call or contact Devon Admissions for more information. If you are interested in applying for entry to school in September 2022 get in touch if you want to visit or have any questions, more details on admissions can be found here.

Our Good Ofsted report in January 2019 says: 'The school environment is calm and purposeful. During lessons, pupils across the school are focused, respectful and attentive; The innovative curriculum motivates and engages pupils; Effective pastoral support ensures that pupils settle quickly and feel safe and happy in your school'.

I believe our school offers something different, we are not part of a large Academy chain and our small size makes us feel like a big family, set in a peaceful rural location but not far from Plympton and Ivybridge. We are the small school with a big heart.

Francesca McLoughlin, Headteacher

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Creative Resilient Responsible Respectful

Email from a parent whose daughter left at the end of Year 6 in 2020: I feel extremely lucky that she has had such a wonderful start to her education in a setting where she can be herself, appreciated for it and to have had so many opportunities that I don’t believe she would of had elsewhere. I also feel very fortunate to have had help to instil so many values and morals that are extremely important in life outside of the learning she has done. She has had a voice and thoroughly enjoyed her time at Sparkwell. I am certain that a completely blissful view of her primary years will be with her forever. Thank you for all the hard work everyone puts in to making school fun, interesting and enjoyable, also the genuine love and care shown to the pupils. I really could not have wished for better for my daughter.