Term dates

Autumn Term 2022

Term starts Monday 5th September

Term ends Friday 16th December

Half term is week beginning 17th October for 2 weeks (back to school on 31st October)

Spring Term 2023

Term starts Wednesday 4th January

Term ends Friday 31st March

Half term is week beginning 13th February

Closed for staff training on Friday 17th March

Summer Term 2023

Term starts Monday 17th April

Term ends Thurssday 27th July

Half term is week beginning 29th May

Bank Holiday on Monday 1st May

See full term dates for 2022-23 and 2023-24 below

Note that we have a 2 week October half term and a shorter summer holiday. We hope the additional week in October can be used for holidays when costs may be cheaper and venues will be quieter. All term dates are agreed and set by the School Trustees over a year in advance and we regularly consult with parents on the 2 week October half term.

Please remember that all holidays should be taken out of term time. Holidays taken in term time will be counted as unauthorised absence and if taken for 5 days (10 sessions) or more in a year may incur a fine via the Educational Welfare Officer. Only exceptional requests can be granted by the headteacher. All planned absences should be requested on an absence request form. (see below)

Further information on term time absence here

Absence request form.docx
Term Dates 2022-2023.pdf


Term Dates 2023-2024.pdf