Learning at home

It is known that what parents do at home with young children has the greatest impact on a child’s social, emotional and intellectual development. Children receive not just skills, knowledge and intellectual stimulation at home; they also absorb a positive attitude towards learning and a strong self-image as a successful learner. One of the most important areas that you can support at home is reading. By reading stories to children and reading with them, you can help them develop the necessary skills to read but also a love of books and a wider vocabulary.

In school, the main way we use to teach the skill of reading is through the use of phonics. If you are unsure how this works and how to say the sounds , please visit this website which has a lot of useful information.

We believe that children need time to relax and have fun once they are at home. We have a home learning tree which offers a wide range of activities for completion at home over a term and we ask that you support your child with reading and learning spellings and times tables.

Make the most of the online subscriptions we have, including Bug Club and Reading Eggs for reading at home and TT Rockstars for times tables, the details are in the Home School Link Book or ask the office.

Below are some further websites you may enjoy using together at home (however we are not responsible for the adverts which may appear or the change in content, so please try them out yourself first!):

Learning outside is just as important so make the most of our beautiful surroundings!

If you use computers (including tablets and phones) at home you may be interested in the BT Internet Legends Resources pack, take a look below for their video and further details.