The Crazy Chef Challenge!

Post date: Mar 1, 2018 9:08:32 PM

On Monday we were lucky enough to visit the Eden project and take part in the Crazy Chef Challenge.

The Eden chef set a challenge for our class to bake a global cake using ingredients from all over the world. He gave us clear instructions, but unfortunately the ingredients were written in Latin!

We split into teams and set off on a mission to solve the clues, find the plants on the map and then collect all the ingredients needed to bake the cake. We had to be quick as if we didn't get back in time the Crazy Chef would still make the cake but he would eat it all himself!

We all enjoyed reading the clues, using a map and coordinates and finding the ingredients in the biomes.

Luckily we got back in time and delivered all the ingredients to the Crazy Chef. While our cake was cooking we investigated where in the world our ingredients have come from and how this connects us to people and places across the planet.

Finally, the cake arrived!

(unfortunately Miss Sparkes and I were unable to try the cake due to it still being sugar-free February however all the children assured us it was delicious!)