Post date: Mar 27, 2018 9:53:22 AM

STEM week!

We had a fantastic week involving lots of activities, experiments, talks and visits. We attended a Harry Potter workshop, listened to a talk from Wolf Mine and managed to extract DNA from frozen peas!

On Monday we learnt to make a range of potions from a Veritaserum to an invisibility elixir using some very strange ingredients(Miss Lovick wasn’t too keen on the eels eyeballs!). It was no surprise however to find that our favourite potion was the one that made slime!

We really enjoyed making robotic hands as part of our science learning on how our bodies work. We were able to pull the strings and make them wave! Our class is getting much better at coding due to ‘The hour of code.’ Some people in our class even managed to code part of a Star Wars game.

The Wolf Mine talk was very interesting- we learnt a lot about the minerals that are extracted and the processes used to do this.


We ended the week by tweeting about what we had been up to!