Slapton Residential

Post date: May 8, 2018 6:40:04 AM

Our year 3 Robins and year 4 Owls joined together for a fantastic trip to Slapton. We spent time on the beach searching for interesting and exciting items and built some very tall rock towers.

Before long it was time for dinner, everyone enjoyed their bbq chicken and wedges with most going up for seconds!

In the evening we went on a night walk. We spent time learning some different bird sounds and then tried to identify them as we walked through the woods. We also sampled some hedgerow foods such as navelwort and nettles (we made sure we only ate things that our guide recommended.)

In the morning we took part in some fantastic team building activities and did a daring low ropes course.

We all had a great time in Slapton with the only complaint being that it should’ve been 2 nights instead of one!