Robin's 25 Decker Bus

Post date: Oct 1, 2017 10:05:29 PM

This week we finished our 25 decker bus based on the book we have been reading in class. Everyone designed, described and made their own deck based on the needs of the passengers. We have a: hospital, race track, library, school and museum deck and we are very pleased with the final result, especially as it is taller than everyone in our class.

In forest school this week I was pleased to see many children working really well together in small groups to build, light and maintain their own independent fires. We also made lovely little clay hedgehogs using pine cones and other forest materials to add texture. Some children extended this activity further by making their hedgehogs a woodland home.

Our collaborative STEM afternoons with Squirrels continued this week with a focus on the structure of bridges. We observed different types of bridges and then used newspaper to investigate how different shapes are stronger. Some of the designs were very creative- using rolled up newspaper folded into triangles proved to be successful; with one bridge withholding the weight of a stack of books.