Our Day in the Woods!

Post date: Jul 10, 2018 3:29:46 PM

Spending the whole day in the woods was a fitting end to our inspiring topic 'How great is the Great Outdoors?'

We planned the day, designed and made our own ration packs and enjoyed a range of different activities (and snacks!)

Caden and Mekhi did some fantastic writing to sum up our day:

"Yesterday, we had our Big Forest School Day- it was amazing! We did loads of activities for example: whittling, lashing, roman numerals, individual fires and maps/orientering. We also tried our ration packs mine was called 'Caden’s Ration Mash-up', it was very tasty!

When we were making our fires ours went out, but we persevered and we got it going again. For dessert we had chocolate mousse cake- thanks Nikki! After lunch I whittled a sphere, it was very sharp. In the afternoon we played tag with Mekhi’s Grandfather, I got tagged once. We also had doughnuts made from bread, jam and batter. They were awesome! At the end we did the talking stick to evaluate our day. My favorite activity was whittling. Best Day Ever!"