Mummifying tomatoes!

Post date: Oct 10, 2018 7:47:16 AM

This week we have been learning about how the ancient Egyptians made mummies. We did some research and thought about the steps that were taken. We have shared our instructions below in case you would like to mummify your own tomato.

How to mummify a tomato.


Tomatoes, Antibacterial hand wash, Natron (Table salt and bicarbonate of soda), Kitchen towel, Containers, Knives, Spoons, Weighing scales.


1. Look at your tomato

    • What does it look like?
    • What does it smell like?
    • How does it feel?

2. Make a small incision in the tomato using a knife and scoop out the seeds inside using a spoon.

You can throw these bits away (but the ancient Egyptians would store the lungs, liver, stomach and guts in canopic jars.)

3. Rub your tomato inside and out with the antibacterial wash using kitchen towel. This will kill any nasty germs that may be lurking inside the body.

4. Weigh your mummy. This is its pre-mummification weight.

5. Next, pack the tomato with a special salt called Natron (an equal mix of table salt and bicarbonate of soda). Place your stuffed tomato inside a container also filled with Natron.

6. Ancient Egyptians would have to wait 70 days to be able to complete their mummification process, but we are going to wait for two weeks.

    • What do you think will happen to the body (tomato)?

We will let you know next week how they look!