Millie's board game!

Post date: May 4, 2020 9:19:32 AM

As always, it has been fantastic to see all the creative ways that you have been learning at home. This week I would like to share a game designed by Millie in our class. It is a fantastic way to learn and practise times tables and she had a lot of fun making it! Here is everything you need to know to make your own game at home.

You start by making a game board similar to this one either by hand or on a computer.

Then you need to make some cards with times table questions like these. Remember to include the number of spaces that you move forward if you get it right (or back if you get it wrong!)

Millie has written some instructions below for her game:


    1. Set up the board game. Choose the pile of cards that has the times tables you are practising on.
    2. Put the cards in a pile face down. You can all use the same pile or you can each use different piles if you are working on different times tables.
    3. Place your counters on the start square.
    4. The oldest player goes first.
    5. Throw the dice.
    6. Move on as many squares as the number on the dice.
    7. Follow the instruction on the square.
    8. If you land on pick a card, pick a card from your pile. You must answer the times table question on the card. If you get it right, move forward the number of squares next to the tick on the card. If you get it wrong, move back the number of squares next to the cross on the card. Your opponent can use the times table sheet to check.
    9. When you have had your turn place your card at the bottom of the pile
    10. The winner is the first person to get to the finish square.

Thank you for sharing your game with us Millie!