Exeter museum

Post date: Dec 7, 2018 4:23:29 PM

This week we were lucky enough to go on two trips! On Tuesday we went to Exeter museum and had a fantastic day learning about ancient Egypt. We took part in 4 different activities related to our topic which Emelie and Poppy chose to write about.

In the museum, we did four different activities: mummification, senet, scribe school and a tour.


Mummification is an amazing process I find it so interesting. It is a bit gross for example pulling the brain out of the head with a crochet hook but it is important for us to learn about the process. We learnt that they washed the body first and took a lot of care with it.


Senet is a game that ancient Egyptians played, it is quite competitive when you have players that are good at it cause it is very tricky

First, you have a board like this with figures like this:

Or you can use rocks and cups

Scribe school

Scribe school is all about maths, writing and reading all the things you would do at school. At the museum we uncracked codes and we even had to write our names in hieroglyphics. It was quite hard but we persevered to get them right.


We had a tour all around the museum. We saw lots of different Egyptian artifacts and saw the tomb of Shep en-Mut. It was amazing as her actual mummy was still inside! It was decorated with hieroglyphics and images of Egyptian gods. I really liked seeing the amulets and learning about the sort of clothes and makeup that the Egyptians would have worn. Did you know they made eyeliner out of coal?