Delamore house

Post date: May 20, 2019 11:01:40 AM

On Friday we visited Delamore House. When we arrived, we went on a walk around the grounds and had the opportunity to draw some of the sculptures using our viewfinders.

Robins were able to give me brilliant tips about drawing and shading!

Before lunch, we were able to look at more of the sculptures and think about which one we liked the most.

After lunch, we went into the house to look at the gallery and see different genres of art. Whilst small groups visited the gallery the others went on a “sculpture hunt”, finding different sculptures and words to describe them.

To end our day at Delamore, we had a final walk and of course a class photo!

Miss Ryder-Green

“I liked looking at the sculptures. It is amazing how many different materials they are made out of!” Fin

“I enjoyed going into the house to see the art. I particularly enjoyed looking at some paintings that were really realistic.” Isla

“I really liked the hare right at the start of the tour. I liked how you could see lines and parts of it were see-through.” Aldo