Zoo visit and science experiments

Post date: Mar 30, 2019 9:16:53 AM

Thank you to Ava and Sadie for this week’s blog post.

This week on Tuesday we all went to the zoo. We practised our coordinates skills by using a grid reference. We also did it to help with our map reading skills. To get the coordinates we went to an animal, and looked at the country i5 came from.

Then we sat down and designed an enclosure for an animal that we saw. After we designed the enclosure, we had to work out the fraction of how much each bit was. The things we had to have in them were a food area, a sleep area and a play area.

We also did science this week. We poured a solution into a foil bowl, which was on top of a bunsen burner and we had a tea light under it. Then we waited for it to boil. As soon as it started to bubble, it slowly changed colour from a clear green to a brown smokey colour. Once we blew out the tea light we waited for it to cool down and harden, it smelt like toffee. We also did separation and filtration with dirty water. We put dirty water into a funnel which had filtration paper in it. Then we observed and could see that different peoples cups were dirtier than someone else's. But surprisingly all of the water came out quite clear.