Year 5 Taster session at Plympton Academy

Post date: Jul 1, 2019 6:48:03 AM

Year 5 were invited to have a trial morning at Plympton Academy.

We had a dance lesson in the stunning Morpergo building. The children learnt some moves that are used in Capoeria (a Brazilian dance); learnt about the history of the dance and composed and performed their own compositions. The children confidently shared their dance and martial arts skills to add to the choreography. The teacher was blown away by their enthusiasm and engagement in the session.

After a brief break, the year 5s went to the science block for a lesson to introduce them to the safe use of Bunsen burners. The class listened to a safety briefing and all got to light a Bunsen and change the flame from ‘safety‘ to ‘roaring’. Again the class showed confidence and respect.

I was incredibly impressed by year 5. They demonstrated our Sparkwell values superbly: creativity, responsibility, respect and resilience.