World Ocean Day

Post date: Jun 8, 2019 2:16:06 PM

Thank you to Archie and Beau for our blog this week

We have been celebrating World Ocean Day by having an ocean themed forest school lesson. We’ve learnt about how CO2 affects our oceans and marine life that lives in it negatively. Also we made plastic straw mats, which was quite difficult to make; because it’s very fiddly. Everyone had to draw a picture of something you might find in a rock pool such as a crab or an anemone to create a piece of art for the Energy for Waste Plant.

We also did power points, slide shows or posters about British rock pools for the squirrels and we had to think how to make it suitable for KS1 so we had to include pictures, think about the style of the font and the size of the font.

A lady called Coral came in during Friday’s assembly to talk about marine wildlife in Britain,

isn’t that a cool name - Coral and she has a passion for the Marine animals of Britain!

In forest school we did some awesome things, Archie has already mentioned some so I’m going to tell you the rest. Dave was doing this activity were he had cabbage juice and a straw and when you blew into the straw it would eventually change colour from dark purple to pink, isn’t that cool. Dave told me that the carbon dioxide goes into the cabbage juice and it changes colour. You could also put vinegar and bicarbonate soda in it to make it a bluish colour. Also, he said you can mix bicarbonate soda and vinegar, nothing else, eventually it would fizz up and explode like coke and mentos.