Where is Spring?

Post date: Feb 28, 2020 6:31:56 PM

This week in topic, we were doing things on the industrial revolution. For example, cutting out special cards that had Victorian inventions on (e.g the xray made by Wilhelm Conrad Rontgen.) We did games using these cards like ‘What am I?’ and Find the missing card: we would ask questions like was it between 1850-1860?

In forest school we had pancakes with honey on. Some of the activities we did were making rattles with bottle tops and wire and painting leaves. All of us had to saw pieces of wood because it is a skill. The most ‘wet’ activity was a Victorian game where you would get a hoop and a stick and try and move the hoop with the stick, most of our hoops got blown away. The last activity was to make dream catchers with willow or make fishes.

Year 5 went to Plympton Academy. We made romen flatbread. To make it you need butter, flour, water, salt and baking soda. Then add all of the ingredients but put little drops of water at a time. We dry fried it in a pan. We then got our flatbread and popped our ingredients in it. The ingredients were Ham, cheese and salad. Then we eat It.

Thank you Greta, Mekhi and Harry