We Had Wild Garlic!

Post date: May 5, 2019 12:16:10 PM

This week at forest school Beau, Bethany, Corey and I made a massive fire. It Went on for nearly two hours.

Corey was so good at collecting sticks. Beau was very good at blowing the fire and Bethany was good at putting stick bundles on and I was good at finding sticks like Corey but not as good. Our base of the fire was like jenga. We used cotton wool and a fire steel, and some vaseline. Snack was amazing it was dough with wild garlic. (By Junior)

This week in Forest School we had lots of activities to do. One of them was making maletts with Dave. Everyone who did it really enjoyed it. Also we picked some wild garlic so we could sketch a picture and label what the different parts where. For snack we toasted some bread dough on our own individual fires that we had made and kept going. (By Grace)