Visit to EfW Plant

Post date: Dec 9, 2019 12:58:06 PM

Owls enjoyed a visit to the EfW plant. It is inspired some fantastic creative writing.

The Journey of Energy

I'm a piece of energy that has been through a long tiring journey that has several steps.

I started off as a yogurt pot in the recycling bin because my owner did not need me anymore. He ate all of the yogurt inside of me. On Tuesday, the bin men came they put me in the big spacious lorry in which were many other pieces of rubbish inside. We drove over the big red platform, apparently it was meant to weigh us to see how much rubbish was inside of the lorry. 60 other lorries came in that day, that wasn't unusual because they came in on a regular basis. The total weight of us all together was half a ton! The lorry man had to pay £50 for us to get in, he must have cared about us to pay that much, right? I saw the 96 metre chimney that blew out hot steam. It was so high to me a little yogurt pot and the enormous chimney. There was quite a height difference between us.

The lorry opened his back and pushed us out which was a bit mean but I did not let it get to me. The landing was soft because 5 days worth of rubbish was 9 storeys high! I'm not even one storey high.

I saw the big claw. It could pick up 8 tons of rubbish. That’s 8 small cars. I waited for about an hour and the claw picked me up. I was quite scared because the claw picked up none of the house hold objects that were from the house that I came from.

Suddenly, I felt boiling hot there was a massive fire that was 1000 degrees it was as hot as lava erupting from an active volcano. I was so scared at this point. I didn't want to go into a pit full of fire. I was going to burn.

I'm glad I did that now because I have a use now and I might be powering your home.

Ava, Year 6