Try new things and be your own brave

Post date: Feb 8, 2020 8:31:02 AM

This Thursday owls class went to Plympton Academy to watch ‘School of Rock’, a member of our class was even in it! It was a good play, we even got cookies for a snack. We also got a box of apple or orange juice.

On Tuesday the year sixes went for a 5k walk to practise for Ten Tors. While the year sixes were out, the year fives and fours played a game called Taboo. Taboo is where one person has their back to the board when the other person describes the word on the board without using certain word. After that, the year fours and fives did P.E.

In maths, we did division and remainders. In PSHE, we made bravery posters with a brave character from books or film. E.g Superman because he fights villains and that must take a lot of guts.

On Monday, we learnt about poor and rich victorians. We used a thing called L.A.C.E to analyse the sources. We made documents describing the paintings and making our assumptions. We soon learned how brutal their lives really were!

By Mason and Lizzie