The end of the most bizarre half term

Post date: May 23, 2020 8:19:07 AM

Can you believe it? A whole half term of distance learning/ home schooling/ school closures - whatever you wish to call it! At the beginning, it seemed like this would have been impossible but the resolve and positivity of the population has been truly inspiring and something to be proud of.

I have truly missed teaching Owls: hearing their voices ask questions (and challenging nearly everything I say!), seeing their smiles of joy as they achieve and play, being there to offer reassurance and support when they need it. However, it has been a quiet relief to avoid SATs week, for the year 6s, and the toll that plays on their minds and confidence.

Although not the same, it has been wonderful to see your learning and adventures that have been shared with me over the past 8 weeks. It seems we are creating a generation of bakers, nature enthusiasts and bike riders - I'm backing the team GB cycling team in the 2032 Olympics!

I would like to take this time to acknowledge a few members of Owls:

Beau - has been consistent with all of his learning at home. He has worked hard through out the term and continued to entertain me with his writing.

Keira - has also be consistent with all of her learning. She has taken the time to improve herself and seek additional help and challenges when needed.

Lizzie - has been taking on lots of new challenges and worked very well with her sister to be creative, active and curious.

I won't be setting any work next week as it is half term but I'm happy to continue receiving emails and Tapestry posts to share anything you have been up been up to. If you would like some inspiration for a half term task, I have shared a beautiful and creative task Isla did last week. The instructions and photos are below.

Wishing you all a wonderful and safe half term.

Take care

Mrs Palmer

Frozen Flower Eggs - by Isla Taylor

Today, we tried a new experiment with egg shells, flowers, and water.

On a bike ride a few days ago, in the countryside we came across some flowers which we picked. We picked about 15 - 25 flowers of all shapes, sizes and types. We took them home, and got out some egg shells, which we poked a small hole through.

We put the flowers inside the egg shell and filled them up with water. We froze them for 1 - 2 days. Once the time had finished, we rinsed the frozen eggs in warm water for the egg shell to come easily off the ice.

When they had been taken off, all there was left was a frozen egg, with all the flowers inside. Since it was ice, the flowers could be seen clearly through the eggs. After that, we put them in small glasses to hold them up, and took many photos from all angles. We made a black backdrop out of card for the eggs to sit on, with the black background. We had then got my Ipad, and did a time-lapse of the eggs melting.