STEM week Part 2

Post date: Mar 18, 2019 1:05:26 PM

Thank you to Keira for this blog post.

This week for STEM, we made some flood proof houses for Watu island [a fictional island]. We designed a house and were given some costs for the equipment we used to make the house. Whilst making our houses, we needed to work out the total cost of them and after a few days, on Wednesday we tested our houses and Mrs Palmer sprayed them down to see whether the cotton wool person inside would get wet. We also flooded the tub outside to see if they would float. Then we got scored for the amount of money we spent, the appearance, and how it well it survived in the water. The team who won was Ruby, Sadie and Archie they spent £1,194 and their cotton wool person was completely dry. They used polystyrene on the bottom of their boat to make it float in the pretend flood.