Sculptures, arguments and strategy

Post date: Apr 7, 2019 2:47:49 PM

Over the past two weeks, we have been designing our own Andy Goldsworthy inspired sculptures. On Thursday, thanks to many donations, we managed to start our models. Lots of us used modroc and chicken wire to make our models however some of us collected our own materials like rocks, sticks etc.

This week we have been writing balanced arguments. Here are a couple of extracts from Ruby and Grace’s argument:

For many years, animals have been having trouble with humans. THere are arguments for and against the banning of tourists on Dartmoor because animal species are descending rapidly due to litter and car deaths. Grace

For many years, great debate has been said of future of tourists on Dartmoor. The argument for and against to help animals is the focus of this text. Ruby

Also, in maths we played a new fraction game called Creature Capture Fraction Game. Here is the link:

Thank you Ruby and Grace for this week’s blog.