Passion projects

Post date: Jul 9, 2019 5:37:58 PM

This week we have started work on our Passion Projects. The children have been able to choose a theme and then consider 4 key questions to answer. They then had to ensure they were using either historical enquiry skills, scientific investigative skills or working through a design process. All children are working towards an outcome to be shared with others.

We also had our penultimate forest school session this week. 😢

Dave bought in some Owl pellets to dissect. We found skulls, ribs, a pelvis and other bones of small mammals.

We also made bunting from flowers and plants, spinning tops and had to identify our garden herbs with a sniff test. Thank you to Tom for organising this activity.

Some children have just a couple of tasks to get their Leader badge and Platinum badge. We hope to complete these next week. 🤞for good weather.