More Lockdown Learning

Post date: May 10, 2020 2:08:06 PM

This week I set a poetry task and have received some wonderfully creative and thoughtful pieces. I have included some of the poems here:

By Oliver Lucas:

My Controller

When my controller is in my hands, I feel as happy as a toy being played with,

It connects me with my friends like lego bricks forming a plan of a building,

Its camo colour makes it like a hiding soldier in fields of green,

Time goes fast while I play the day away like a supercar speeding down the road,

It vibrates my hands alerting me when a important part in the game is happening like a fire alarm going of in your ears,

Its a steering wheel, gun, sword, fist and its always changing like a chameleon.

By Bethany

The iron

The iron is like a red hot whale,

Blowing out steam,

It’s a rampaging rhino,

Who takes all creases as a personal insult.

It charges across the fabric and flattens out the creases,

It’s a camel spitting at the stubborn creases,

That will not bow down before it.

It’s like a monarch,

All high and mighty,

It rules over the fabric,

And every crease has to obey it.

By Isla Taylor inspired by the paintings of Jasper Johns

Paint Brush Poem

My paint brush glides bright colours across the canvas,

Hovers across the page carefully.

Directs materials across the paper,

Guides the paint to create beautiful art.

Brushes across the paper with care and precision,

As it travels calmly across the page.

Spreads liquid across the canvas rapidly,

Creates bright art with colours splashing everywhere.

The paintbrush breathes color across the canvas tenderly,

Leaving life wobbling across the page.

Quenching its thirst with liquid colour,

Slithering and sliding across the smooth surface.

I would also like to give a special mention to Niamh - she has written and performed a fantastic poem about the current lockdown and pandemic.

Also, Mason - was an awesome scientist, exploring forces in action everyday. He created some great videos and explanations.

Thank you to everyone for your continued hard work and sacrifices to keep everyone safe.