Making our planet better

Post date: Jan 17, 2020 6:51:31 PM


This week a scientist called Dr. Jackson came in to talk to us about what's happening to the oceans because of climate change. We learned how quickly the ice melts because of greenhouse gasses and fossil fuels. We also learned about solar power, wind power and tidal power all generate power instead of mains electricity and how you can switch from mains electricity to getting natural power from solar stations.

As well as that, in the workshop we got to experiment what places generated more electricity by holding a mini solar panel up and measured the vaults with an ammeter.


In math we did timesing double digits by double digits. Some of us learned the compact method but some of us did the partitioning method. Some people did a few two digit by three digits.

E.g. 23x54=1242


In english we made up a teacher. We thought about their appearance, how they moved and spoke and their personality. Most people did mean teachers but some did nice ones. Also, most people drew their teacher but some did not if you didn't you would have to explain what they looked like. Lots of them had very mean punishments. We thought about how we could use similes, metaphors and noun phrases to make our descriptions better.


In topic we have been learning about The Victorians and the timeline of key events.

Thank you Maisie and Adair for your detailed blog.