Lockdown learning

Post date: May 1, 2020 1:15:47 PM

Just because we are not in school and our learning is now done in a new type of normal, doesn't mean we shouldn't be celebrating everyone's efforts and share our experiences. I wanted to do a blog this week to show off the incredible work people have been doing at home and thank you all for your continued efforts, positivity and engagement in your own learning or your child's learning.

We have had some really interesting quizzes shared, linked to some books that members of Owls have been reading. If you've read any of them, have a go at answering the questions.

The Parent Agency quiz
Harry Potter: All books quiz

Many of the members of Owls have also continued to practice their spellings: learning new rules and noticing errors. They have been reading some tricky texts by Charles Dickens and answering questions to explore the complex language. I've also shed a few tears over some writing about a Time Capsule that reflects the current climate: we're really able to focus on what and who is most important to us at a time like this.

In maths, we have been applying our understanding of measure and been reviewing our understanding of co-ordinates. Well done to Oliver L for providing the shortest route in the Minefield challenge.

We have been able to see lots of photos and learning on Tapestry. Congratulations to Lavinia for your Judo success and progress; Maisie, thank you for your creativity with your book wheel and Ned, well done with your Japanese inspired boat and sword. Please keep sharing. Stay home and stay healthy.

Take care

Mrs Palmer