Light it up

Post date: Jan 15, 2020 8:18:13 AM

This week we were doing things with circuits and electricity. On one of the activities we were seeing what happened if we added more batteries to our circuits (wires connected with with two batteries and a light bulb.) The conclusion was that either the bulb blew or got very bright. The other activity was to see what happened when we added more light bulbs, that conclusion was the bulbs went very dim. One of the activities was to label some of circuits and draw a circuit with the right symbols. The last activity was to use the hot wires which conducted electricity to make lights go on and there was a burglar alarm, a lie detector and an FM radio (none of this worked because we didn’t have a fuse!)

We also did music. Using the glockenspiels we were playing G A B notes to the jazz music.

On Thursday, some people went to the Sparkwell Parish Hall to do some singing for the Sparkwell over 60s club. We did 6/7 songs most of which were songs that they knew. The songs were: This old man, She’ll be coming round the mountain, You’ve got a friend in me, The bear necessities and Yellow submarine.

By Greta and Toby.