First Week of the Year

Post date: Sep 9, 2018 2:18:10 PM

Welcome back to Owls and welcome our new two class members: Greta and Oska. I have really enjoyed my first week at Sparkwell. The children have been polite, helpful and friendly to me and each other - what a great start to the year!

We have spent the week exploring what it means to be a good learner through solving mathematical problems, establishing our reading routines and creating our designs for our bags in art. So far we have recognised the importance of listening well; persevering (even if the learning is a challenge or not quick to do); trying out ideas and then evaluating before continuing; taking our time to ensure we have been successful; and praising ourselves for what we have accomplished even if the work is not 'finished'. I hope the class will apply these effective learning skills over the course of the year.