First full week

Post date: Sep 15, 2019 2:54:07 PM

Welcome to a new school year.

Thank you to the parents that attended the meeting on Thursday. If you couldn’t make it, I have sent home the paperwork that was given out and electronic versions of most of the information is available on the school website.

This week we have been thinking about effective strategies and approaches to have in our maths lessons. This includes:

  • Believe in yourself - everyone is a mathematician
  • The power of struggle - finding something challenging is learning
  • Speed is not important - good mathematicians think deeply
  • Use your resources - maths resources, drawing the problem and talk with others
  • Brains grown and change - the more we do something, the stronger the connections in the brain will be

We also had our first (half) forest school with den building, blackberry picking, whittling and blackberry splats for snack. It wasn’t quite what we expected but seeing the members of Owls working together and cooperating was fantastic!