Do you prefer division or muddy puddles?

Post date: Feb 1, 2020 4:09:35 PM

This week we started our division which is our new maths focus. Miss Palmer set us some challenges and gave us counters for helping out with. We learned how to separate the big number and divide it by the smaller number. Some people did the bus stop method but it wasn't your usual bus stop! We also had to separate the big number with long division.

It was also the ending week of JanuRead. It's where another teacher comes in and tells us a story. Every week the type of text is different. First it was non-fiction then it was fiction and finally poems.

This Friday at forest schools we had a welly walk and went down to the golf course site. We had some free play and then came back to school to try some new games that we could do down in the forest.

One game is called truth, truth, lie. It is where you tell two truths in any order and one lie. For example: if I said I have read all of the books in my room, I have a pet cat and I like reading, someone would guess which is the lie and whoever gets it right gets to have their turn.

Another game we played was Catch the Dragon's Tail. It is were ten or more people get into a line and the person at the front is the dragon's head and the person at the back is the dragon's tail. The dragon's head has to catch the tail without breaking the line. The other eight players are used to create the body of the dragon.

Thank you to Daniel and Alana for this week’s blog.