Cricket and Passion Projects

Post date: Jul 12, 2019 2:44:58 PM

This week it was our last week of cricket. We will all want to do it again but sadly we can’t. It was also the week that we did our passion projects. We all chose our passion and researched about them. Then we had to do an outcome to show in our class assembly. This week in forest school, we did loads of things: Such has building dens that are water proof, making mini Owls, slack line, poems/drawings and painting. Some people made a successful water proof den. We also played a game as a class which was called blindfolded search. Here is how you play, one person gets blindfolded and other people have to show directions to where to go but cannot speak and another person has to try and guess where their trying to guide them to the hidden item.

Thank you to Sadie and Lavinia for this week’s blog and photos