July 19th

Post date: Jul 19, 2019 8:33:12 PM

The end is in sight! We have started to feel quite tired now with a school trip that arrived back late, movie night, parent drop in, class assembly and auditions for Sparkwell’s Got Talent all happening in the last week! Next week should be less tiring but there is a school trip to the zoo on Monday to do first!

I have been busy doing nursery and home visits this week. It has made me feel quite nostalgic about my current Hedgehogs and made me realise just how big they are now and how much we have done. I will miss them and wish them all the best for their new class. My new intake look so small and are both excited and nervous in equal measure! It will be lovely for the new intake and the current Hedgehogs to meet at the zoo on Monday.

Have a good weekend.