Half term!

Post date: May 27, 2019 8:13:22 AM

Although it’s been the shortest term, Hedgehogs have once again filled every minute with busy learning opportunities, days out and lots of outside play. The weather being good really makes a big difference to how we play outside and there has been several occasions where Squirrels and Hedgehogs have played together outside. This benefits Hedgehogs as they learn so much from their older friends and Squirrels gain a sense of responsibility in helping them gaining new skills.

As it is getting warmer, please could you put sun cream on your child before coming to school. We do try and ensure they keep out the sun on really sunny days but if they have a hat and some cream on or some in school, it helps us to keep them safe in the sun. Thank you.

We look forward to another busy term, preparing he children for their next stage in their school journey. I will also be busy report writing and doing the children’s final assessments. Please come and see me if there’s anything about your child’s learning you would like to discuss.

Have a happy half term. We look forward to seeing the children all refreshed and eager for their final term!