Friday, 27th September

Post date: Sep 27, 2019 7:03:20 PM

For the last two weeks we have focussed our attention on 'what people do all day'. We have discussed what the children's parents do for their jobs as well as looking at the work of vets and doctors. We will continue this further in the next few weeks by looking at firefighters, police, postal workers and people who work in hospitals as well as the children's own choice of job they would like to find out more about. We have enjoyed this learning so far and the children have really found this really interesting. it's been lovely to see the children dressing up and pretending to bandage each other's arms in our doctors role play this week.

We have started our phonics learning. If you go on the Read, Write Inc website, you can see the order we learn the sounds. So far we have learnt, 'm', 'a', and 's', so next week we will begin learning,'d' and 't'. we are going very slowly as I want the children to thoroughly know these sounds before we progress further.

We will be busy preparing for harvest festival now and also look forward to our first zoo visit next week. Don't forget parent's evenings will be on for the next couple of weeks and I look forward to seeing you there and discussing how well your children have settled in.

Have a good weekend.