Friday, 21st September

Post date: Sep 21, 2018 7:03:21 PM

This week the children have learnt the sounds, ‘i’ and ‘t’ and have started blending. This is when children sound out each individual sound in a word to read or spell the word. We are using the sounds we have learnt so far to sound out 3 letter vowel, consonant, vowel words- known as CVC words. It is early days and we have only done this twice but we will continue this daily in the next few weeks.

In Forest School this week we were mushroom investigators. We were looking out for mushrooms and identifying them using our mushroom identification sheet. Unfortunately we didn’t see as many different types as we had hoped, but we had a lovely walk and collected leaves and conkers!

On Thursday we had a visit from Paula Clough who is teaching us a new programme of PE. She has given the teachers training on it so we can start the Real PE programme with our own classes. The children absolutely loved their first PE session and enjoyed the moves and games she taught them. They were all so tired when we returned that we turned the lights off, got the cushions and blankets out, and the children lied down for a story!

Today is apple day. As sparkwell’s emblem is an apple, the whole school have been involved in doing activities involving apples. This has included making apple juice, apple maths, apple bobbing and lacing our paper plate apples. All this and the guinea pigs escaped! They are both back safe and sound after their big run around the football field! A lovely day was had by all.

Can I ask that book bags come in to school every day from now on? I do apologise that information regarding the reading books and book bags has been confusing so hopefully if they are in every day we can change the books and send any information out in the Home School Link Books more quickly.