1st June

Post date: May 30, 2020 10:55:23 AM


We are now in the second part of the Summer term. We are not quite where we expected to be at this point and it is so sad that school trips, water days and other things that make up this final part of the school year will not happen. Keep going, you are all amazing teachers and the children are doing some lovely things.

School is now becoming busier as more children return to school. I am now in school for more days but will still be able to communicate with you and should you have any queries regarding your child's learning, please still send me an email. The most important thing is to keep going even with just a bit of reading, learning sounds and writing - even if this is labels, copying words, or even making their own maps or stories. Children will readily join in when they return and all enriching activities you do provide an opportunity for learning.

I attach this week's picture news about jobs. If you have a chance, please look through it as it provides a good deal of discussion and promotes children's communication and language.

Have a good week.