14th June

Post date: Jun 16, 2019 10:16:00 AM

Welcome back to school! It doesn’t feel like we’ve been back for 2 weeks as our days always seem to fly by! This week we have had our teddy bear’s picnic. Unfortunately, the weather was not good enough for us to actually have the picnic in the woods, but we enjoyed a welly walk and then some teddy related activities. Lots of photos to come.

We have also done our first moving up day. This was very successful and none of the Hedgehogs found this a daunting experience. We have another one on Monday afternoon. Over the next few weeks they will be plenty of these opportunities to get to know their new classmates.

This week I will be sending home a note asking what technology your child is capable of using at home. This may be something as simple as them being able to turn on an iPad and select their own games and apps or using a device such as an Alexa. This is part of my assessments for your child on how they are able to use technology and if they know what different types of technology do. I am aware some children do not use iPads, laptops etc but I am only interested in whether your child has the ability to do so and whether you have seen them do this. In school, all children have used laptops and iPads but the assessment asks for technology around the home. Your help with this is appreciated.

We look forward to some very busy weeks ahead. Well done to all the children that have received a rainbow challenge certificate. These are awarded to children who complete all their learning challenges in the week (a writing, maths, art or design and a science or ICT based challenge as well as good tidying up!). The number of children completing them goes up each week. It would be great if all children get one this week!