Post date: Jan 6, 2015 2:49:19 PM

As I write I can hear the laughter and shouts from Lions Class as they enjoy a storytelling session on castles and dragons with Clive Pig the storyteller. This is to spark their imagination and launch this half term's whole school topic about castles. Pictures coming soon!

I am afraid there will be a few letters this week as we get some important information out to you, today a letter about clubs is coming (also attached below) that we do need back in the next couple of days please. A home school agreement is on the way and a newsletter with updates and news on Friday.

We apologise that there was a mix up with menus today and the children were choosing from the wrong menu, however they all found something to enjoy and had a good lunch! The lunch menu is the same as last terms and the one on the website is correct. There have been some changes to food standards for schools this term and as a result a small change to the jacket potato toppings on offer, please see menu page for details. FM