About Us

 'Learning to make a difference'


We are passionate that every child is unique, their individuality is valued and the best education is provided for them. Our commitment is to ensure excellence in a nurturing, happy, inclusive learning environment both inside and out. Through a creative and stimulating enquiry-based curriculum, including Forest School learning, we develop each child’s key skills in speaking and listening, reading, writing, mathematics and technology, inspired by the children’s interests, the local community, business links and the wider world. 

We are committed to improving the quality of the educational provision for all our children which will enable them to attain the levels of knowledge, understanding and skills that society demands for their future lives.  High quality education at Sparkwell Primary School will be achieved by:

·      Positive, caring and clearly focused leadership;

·      the whole staff team working together to ensure the best outcomes for all our children;

·      the whole staff team having high expectations of our children’s social, behavioural and academic performance;

·      well planned, exciting and challenging teaching that develops lively, enquiring and open minds in our children;

·      creating stimulating, organised and attractive learning environments in which our children can take a pride;

·      fostering a calm, secure and purposeful working atmosphere that nurtures a positive esteem and self-image in all our children, including those with additional needs;

·      promoting respect for other people and the environment

·      working in partnership with parents, governors and the local community to enrich opportunities for our children.