• Doors open at 8.50, for a 9.00
     start (7.50 a.m. if booked into Breakfast Club). 
  • 9.10 Morning learning sessions normally include maths, literacy and phonics. Some days include assembly at 9.10 and 1 morning a week is Forest School learning for all classes.
  • EYFS have no morning break, KS1/2 take one at a flexible time to suit the learning in progress
  • 11.45 EYFS lunch
  • 12.00 KS1 lunch
  • 12.15 KS2 lunch
  • 1.15 End of lunch break
  • Registration
  • Some afternoons start with assembly at 1.20. Afternoons are usually project based learning including the arts, science and the humanities and PE either outdoors or in the old school.
  • 3.20 End of day for EYFS/KS1
  • 3.30 End of day for KS2