Key performance data

Attainment at the end of each Key Stage, July 2019

Good Level of Development is 80%. 
27% children attaining at exceeding levels in reading, 13% in writing and 27% in maths. The national GLD in 2018 was 78.6%.

Phonics Year 1: 
Children reaching the expected standard is 85%. In 2018 nationally it was 82%. 1 out of 2 children retested in Year 2 met the expected standard.

Year 2 assessments: 
Pupils reaching the expected standard - 
Reading 87% (20% greater depth). Last year's national was 76%.
Writing 80% (13% greater depth). Last year's national was 70%.
Maths 87% (27% greater depth). Last year's national was 76%.
Science 93% 

Year 6 assessments
Pupils reaching the expected standard - 
Reading 83%
Writing 33% 
Maths 50%
Grammar, punctuation and spelling 83%
Note that in 2019 there were only 6 children in the Y6 cohort. 5 had joined us during KS2 and 4 had special educational needs (including 1 with an EHCP).

In 2019 all our data was externally moderated. 
Because our cohorts are small, each child equates to approximately 7% (and 15% in Year 6).
We carefully monitor the progress of all children and provide intervention and support
where this is identified as a need.