We are not able to link to the DfE performance tables as we do not as yet have any Year 6 pupils to whom this data relates. 
Our results are generally in line with or better than national averages. Visit the Government's comparison site here.

  • In 2018 our Good Level of Development in the Early Years Foundation Stage was at 78.6%
  • At the end of Year 2 in 2018, 73% of children were at expected levels in reading, 67% in writing, 73% in mathematics and 100% in science. 27% of our Y2 children were assessed as working at greater depth in reading and 13% each in writing and maths. 
  • At the end of Year 1 in 2018, 87% reached the pass mark in the phonics screening check with a pass rate of 83% for those who retook the check at the end of Year 2.
Because our cohorts are small, each child equates to approximately 7%.
We carefully monitor the progress of all children and provide inter-
vention and support where this is identified as a need.