We had our first Ofsted inspection in May 2015, which confirmed that we were a GOOD school. We were inspected again in January 2019 and continue to be GOOD. 

Click here to read the reports on the Ofsted website.  
Here are a few of our favourite quotes from the inspection in 2019...
  • Effective pastoral support ensures that pupils settle quickly and feel safe and happy in your school.
  • Pupils’ behaviour in and around school is good. The school environment is calm and purposeful
  • During lessons, pupils across the school are focused, respectful and attentive. 
  • The innovative curriculum motivates and engages pupils.
  • A particular strength of the curriculum is the way pupils are inspired to think deeply about their learning. Typically, pupils are inquisitive about the topics being taught and they respond positively to teachers’ questions and guidance. 
  • Pupils develop resilience because of the way they are encouraged to approach problems
  • This is an inclusive school where children of all abilities are welcomed and  supported in a climate of trust and care