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Tens frames

posted 3 Nov 2017, 13:15 by Jenny Sparkes   [ updated 3 Nov 2017, 13:38 ]
This is how the children have been learning about numbers this week. We use tens frames to help the children to understand how tens and ones link. They also help the children to see the relationship between a number and a multiple of 10. Initially the children need to be really secure in being accurate in showing numbers to 10 on the frame. If you put on some counters can they quickly say how many there are? Can they say how many without counting? (they know what four objects looks like) Don't be tempted to push them on too far. Secure knowledge of numbers to 10 is an essential skill. 
place value tens frames.pptx.gslides
Jenny Sparkes,
3 Nov 2017, 13:38