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Spark fudge- Make £5 grow project

posted 20 Jul 2017, 13:41 by Jenny Sparkes
 Making advertising posters
 Getting our stall ready. 
 Glitter poster!
 Weighing out and packagingCarefully cutting fudge up
 It looks so tempting!
Labelling the packets 
 This year we decided to make a fudge shop for our make £5 grow project. 
We contacted Roly's Fudge in Plymouth and they were kind enough to make the fudge we wanted and sold it to us for a good price. 
We designed logos, taste tested fudge, ordered fudge, weighed out, cut up and packaged the fudge.
We learned lots of new skills including money, weighing, design and letter writing. 
 Our finished stall