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Awesome Authors

posted 19 Jan 2017, 07:43 by Jenny Sparkes
This week there has been a buzz of excitement over book writing and using similes (Y2s) The Year Ones have made beautiful books about a journey where they meet all sorts of characters who take things from them and the Year Twos have written really powerful description to describe their own invented dragon. Their enthusiasm to complete their learning challenges has been really lovely. 
In Forest School the Year Twos had a brilliant learning challenge (If I do say so myself!) where they were using all sorts of measuring equipment to measure distances in the woods and then marked these down on a map. They were having to think about metres and centimetres, counting in jumps of 30 metres, 20 metres or 5 metres and count to really big numbers using a trundle wheel. We didn't finish measuring our welly walk route but will next time. The children were fantastic at collaborating and talking mathematically as well as recording their information on their maps. 
Finally the children have been learning about continents and oceans and have used maps to locate these and then label their own map. This is something you might like to look at again to help them to remember where the continents are. 
Next week we are moving on to thinking about what is inside our bodies, and what happens if our bodies go wrong.