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Squirrels Class

We are a class of Years 1 & 2 with our teacher Miss Sparkes and teaching assistants Emily Martin, Charlotte Harris & Viccy Florey.

For a parent's guide to national assessments for Year 2 (including a short video clip) click here .

If you need to brush up on some tricky grammar vocabulary that children are starting to learn you may find this glossary useful!

Countries, stories, numbers and soup!

posted 9 Feb 2018, 14:38 by Stephen Crawford   [ updated 9 Feb 2018, 14:40 ]

The squirrels have explored lots of interesting activities this week. They've used their chromebook skills to research a range of countries in Asia and try to find and record a specific animal or feature key to that country.
They've also been working very hard on some writing so they could retell a story.
In maths they have been grappling with some missing number problems which involved really thinking carefully about number value, number sentences and how to use their understanding of the question to find an answer.
A few squirrels have also continued to explore their sewing from last week.
Finally, they have enjoyed another sensory-filled session in the woods during forest school and worked to climb trees, create art with leaves and shaped hole punches and even to prepare and make their own soup!

We are learning to sew

posted 4 Feb 2018, 10:57 by Jenny Sparkes

As part of their learning the children are doing some free sewing. They are learning to go up and down, thread their needles and make their own line patterns. They are choosing whether they are going to sew with wool, thread or ribbon.

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas 🎄

posted 10 Dec 2017, 14:39 by Jenny Sparkes

The Squirrels have had another busy week, either preparing for their Christmas performance and dance show or putting on their fabulous dances and singing their hearts out on Wednesday. They were fabulous. The children were excited to help decorate the classroom and are keen to add more....we'll be getting our elf on next week! 

Hanukkah, shapes and elves!

posted 2 Dec 2017, 13:26 by Jenny Sparkes

This week the children have been learning about the a Jewish festival of light, Hanukkah. They have listened to the story of Hanukkah and the miracle of the oil lamp that took place in a temple. Part of the Jewish tradition is to have food cooked in oil so at forest school we made pancakes on the fire. Mrs Harris told us about Hanukkah and even spoke some Hebrew for us. 
The children carried on learning about shape by using sticks to make 2D shapes and to talk about the sides and corners. We have also been busy preparing for one of our Christmas dances. 

Shaping up

posted 29 Nov 2017, 14:38 by Jenny Sparkes   [ updated 29 Nov 2017, 14:40 ]

We have drawn different shapes and talked about their sizes. 

This week we have been learning all about shapes. We have been learning the names of 3D shapes and some of their properties as well. 

We used construction kits to explore making shapes. 
We printed with 3D shapes to find out about the faces. 

Take away

posted 14 Nov 2017, 14:10 by Jenny Sparkes   [ updated 14 Nov 2017, 14:11 ]

This week the children are practising their take away skills. We will start by using lots of resources to take away and then we will move on to drawing what we do. 

Addition sentences

posted 6 Nov 2017, 06:32 by Jenny Sparkes

This week the children are learning about adding small numbers and different ways to make number sentences. Again don't be tempted to use big numbers. We used a 0-9 dice and the partition tree (circles diagram) The children are learning about the equals sign being in different places in the number sentences as well so I sometimes refer to it as the "is the same as" sign.   "3 is the same as 2+1" or 3=2+1 and 2+1=3

Tens frames

posted 3 Nov 2017, 13:15 by Jenny Sparkes   [ updated 3 Nov 2017, 13:38 ]

This is how the children have been learning about numbers this week. We use tens frames to help the children to understand how tens and ones link. They also help the children to see the relationship between a number and a multiple of 10. Initially the children need to be really secure in being accurate in showing numbers to 10 on the frame. If you put on some counters can they quickly say how many there are? Can they say how many without counting? (they know what four objects looks like) Don't be tempted to push them on too far. Secure knowledge of numbers to 10 is an essential skill. 

Brunel Visited Sparkwell

posted 3 Nov 2017, 13:13 by Jenny Sparkes

We've had a busy week! This week the children have been learning in lots of different ways. They have been introduced to Brunel and how he links to Plymouth and Sparkwell and very much enjoyed their visit from Brunel on Thursday. This week has been arts week in school and so the children have been exploring their creativity through painting, printing, drawing, dance, singing and drama. In Forest School they explored leaf art and even tasted some roasted chestnuts. I told them the story of Guy Fawkes and the reasons why only Britain celebrates this day. In maths the children were introduced to 'tens frames'. There will be some information on the blog for you soon so that you can support this learning at home.

Apple Day

posted 14 Oct 2017, 10:51 by Jenny Sparkes

All sorts of lovely apple activities. Paper weaving to make an apple basket, baking, play dough with puréed apple and cinnamon and spiced or fruity paint. The children had a wonderful day and the classroom smells delicious!

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