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Squirrels Class

We are a class of Years 1 & 2 with our teacher Miss Sparkes and teaching assistants Charlotte Harris, Viccy Florey and Olivia Harris.

For a parent's guide to national assessments for Year 2 (including a short video clip) click here .

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Spring Term's Home Learning Tree   

If you need to brush up on some tricky grammar vocabulary that children are starting to learn you may find this glossary useful!

Exploring Aboriginal Art

posted 26 Mar 2019, 09:18 by Jenny Sparkes

The children explored patterns that convey meaning by learning about Aboriginal art and then thinking up their ideas. They could choose between chalks, pastels and paint to make their patterns.

Internet Research

posted 18 Mar 2019, 11:25 by Jenny Sparkes

We used Chromebooks to find out about the animals that live in Australia. We chose some that we would like to find out more about. 

Fun at Forest School

posted 17 Mar 2019, 14:15 by Jenny Sparkes

Can you save the person at the bottom of the cliff?

posted 17 Mar 2019, 14:03 by Jenny Sparkes

The children had to design a winding mechanism and a stretcher to save the boy from the bottom of the cliff. We looked at what happens in a real cliff rescue to get some ideas. The children could choose to use construction kits, lollipop sticks, straws or card. They were left to find out for themselves, to test their models and to get them to work. I was a real test of thinking and perseverance.

Is it a solid or a liquid?

posted 14 Mar 2019, 09:30 by Jenny Sparkes

Super Science

posted 14 Mar 2019, 09:26 by Jenny Sparkes

We explored the different densities of liquids. We put golden syrup, red water, washing up liquid and oil into a test tube and watched what happened. Lots of us thought the liquids would mix and then explode but actually what happened was even more interesting. The liquids stayed separate. In the afternoon we learnt that this was because they have different densities so some were heavier than others. 

Stunning STEM

posted 14 Mar 2019, 09:14 by Jenny Sparkes

The children explored the difference between solids and liquids by exploring sugar, lentils, rice, marbles, flour, red water, washing up liquid and orange squash. They noticed that the liquid would take the shape of the container and have a flat top (surface) whereas the solids made 'mountains' in the bowl. They used magnifying glasses to find out that even though you can pour sugar it is made of tiny, hard solids. Absolutely fantastic learning. 

Wet and wild

posted 7 Feb 2019, 12:42 by Jenny Sparkes

Today we looked at the stories linked to Chinese New Year and so made rainbow noodles on the fire. On the way to the woods we enjoyed splashing and playing in the stream. When we got to base camp some of us made rafts and the catering crew prepared the vegetables. We really enjoyed the water and mud! When we got back to school we washed off in the car park puddles! Then we dealt with the sogginess! Well done to those Squirrels that were kitted out for forest school and had a full change of clothes back at school. 👍⛵️

Snowy zoo trip

posted 3 Feb 2019, 10:34 by Jenny Sparkes

Squirrels really enjoyed their trip to the zoo. They started with a close encounter with two snakes, a blue tongued skink,a tortoise and a land snail. They were really interested in the patterns and finding out about reptiles. After their close up look at the animals indoors we went and enjoyed the wintery zoo. The otters and lynx seemed pleased to see us!

Skills that Forest School helps to develop

posted 24 Jan 2019, 07:42 by Jenny Sparkes   [ updated 24 Jan 2019, 07:50 ]

Just look at the looks of concentration, focus and engagement on the faces of the Squirrels today. A giant pine cone became a hedgehog and a stuck stick was a team challenge. Children that were worried about using the saw went for it and were so pleased that they managed it. Another fabulous day in the woods. 

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