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Squirrels Class

We are a class of Years 1 & 2 with our teacher Miss Sparkes and teaching assistants Emily Martin, Charlotte Harris & Viccy Florey.

For a parent's guide to national assessments for Year 2 (including a short video clip) click here .

For useful information on spellings the children need to learn, visit this website: Year 1   Year 2   
For some great phonics games and activities click here (linked with permission from this school!)

If you need to brush up on some tricky grammar vocabulary that children are starting to learn you may find this glossary useful!

If you go down in the woods today...

posted 26 Jun 2018, 11:53 by Jenny Sparkes

We had our teddy bears picnic in the woods. The children enjoyed using their adventure bags for the first time to carry their cuddly friends. When they got to the woods they found it decorated with the teddy bunting that they made and lots of picnic blankets. The Year Twos  had made teddy shaped jam sandwiches for snack and some children helped to make potato salad and pasta salad on the fire; including herbs from the school garden. At 11:30 we were joined by some young visitors and had our fish and chips in the forest. Nikki even made us teddy shaped biscuits for pudding. We enjoyed reading stories about bears, making teddy dens and playing with our friends in the woods. It was a lovely picnic.

Guided Walk on the Moor

posted 26 Jun 2018, 11:38 by Jenny Sparkes

We went on a guided walk on Dartmoor with our guide, Barbara. She showed us a lot of different plants and we learned about deciduous and evergreen trees. We met some overly friendly ponies and and then came across an ancient burial ground and standing stones. After a very, very late lunch we walked to the bridges and went for a paddle in the cool water. We were very excited by the military helicopters that kept flying really low over our heads. 

The science of puddles

posted 15 Jun 2018, 12:59 by Jenny Sparkes

We have been developing our science skills through exploring puddles. We used our prediction and observation skills as well as collaboration and problem solving to carry out our experiment. We learned that the playground has a slope, that a small container makes a small puddle and a large container makes a large puddle and that is the puddles got smaller in the sun after a while. It was lots of fun. 

Forest School fun

posted 15 Jun 2018, 08:27 by Jenny Sparkes

Today we explored colour mixing and mixed different shades of green as well as making our own wands. 

Our teddies came to visit

posted 13 Jun 2018, 09:20 by Jenny Sparkes

As part of our preparation for our teddy bears’ picnic our bears came to visit for the day. 

We visited Sparkwell Church to find the features.

posted 20 May 2018, 13:01 by Jenny Sparkes

We visited Sparkwell church to explore the features of a Christian place of worship. Once we found the location in the church we used iPads to take our own photographs.

Investigating materials for our adventure bags.

posted 18 May 2018, 03:44 by Jenny Sparkes

We have been exploring the different materials that we could use to make our own bags out of. Today we were testing how they responded to water to see if they were waterproof and whether water made the material weak. We learned how to use pipettes, to tally big numbers and to make careful observations. We had fun but in the photographs we are concentrating hard!

What does a plant need to help it grow well?

posted 29 Apr 2018, 09:35 by Jenny Sparkes

We have planted seeds in different places around school to see how they grow. We are trying to find out what a plant needs to help it grow well. We used our measuring skills to help make sure the plants have the same amount of soil and water. 

Exploring bags for our adventure.

posted 29 Apr 2018, 09:30 by Jenny Sparkes

We are going to be designing and making our own bags for taking on an adventure. Before we can design our own bags we had to test the designs of other bags and containers. We looked at the strength of the bags, whether we could carry out simple tasks and which one could hold our exploring equipment. Here we are trying to scramble over the obstacle course with our bags and boxes. 

Lots of learning in the snow and ice

posted 3 Mar 2018, 14:20 by Jenny Sparkes

On Wednesday we arrived in school to find snow and ice. This was too good an opportunity to miss. The children made models that would be able to slide across the ice, made an igloo out of the playground equipment, used the polar sledge and explored powders that help ice to melt. We had lots of fun as well!

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