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Squirrels Class

We are a class of Years 1 & 2 with our teacher Miss Sparkes and teaching assistants Emily Martin, Charlotte Harris & Viccy Florey.

For a parent's guide to national assessments for Year 2 (including a short video clip) click here .

If you need to brush up on some tricky grammar vocabulary that children are starting to learn you may find this glossary useful!

Apple Day

posted 14 Oct 2017, 10:51 by Jenny Sparkes

All sorts of lovely apple activities. Paper weaving to make an apple basket, baking, play dough with puréed apple and cinnamon and spiced or fruity paint. The children had a wonderful day and the classroom smells delicious!

Simon James

posted 14 Oct 2017, 10:44 by Jenny Sparkes

Simon James is a favourite author of mine and I have always read them to my classes. They have always loved them so imagine our delight when the real Simon James came to our school. It was mesmerising for everyone in the room. The children loved seeing the original art work and listening to Simon bring the stories to life. "I love this. Every minute of it" (Arthur) a feeling shared by all. 

Autumn Term Spellings

posted 1 Oct 2017, 13:54 by Jenny Sparkes

Gifts from the trees.

posted 1 Oct 2017, 13:50 by Jenny Sparkes

This week in Forest School we were going to doing woodland art but when we got to the 'Elephant Tree' we found conkers everywhere. 
The children (and adults) had great fun collecting conkers and this led to fantastic maths in the woods. We estimated, grouped into 10s and then 100s and found our total. Unbelievably 582. 
We managed to fit in some cooking as well including making some delicious Welsh Cakes which the children really liked. 

New Squirrels are already really busy.

posted 24 Sep 2017, 13:35 by Jenny Sparkes

Bridge designing
Testing our bridges
 Bug hunting
 Tiny conker
 Looking closely
 Drilling a conker
 Pear cooking
 Feeding the fire
 conker opening queen

Fun in the sun (the perfect way to end the year)

posted 24 Jul 2017, 12:19 by Jenny Sparkes

Skimming stones and finding creatures. 
 A Strawberry anemone and a tiny crab.
Sea snail  
 Strawberry anemone Lunchtime fun
 The whole team
 Lunchtime fun  Squiggles
 The meadow

 Quick hide!
 Spot the Squirrel
 There they are. Phew!
 Ready, steady...roll!
A stroll up the hill 

Awesome Assembly

posted 20 Jul 2017, 14:01 by Jenny Sparkes   [ updated 20 Jul 2017, 14:13 ]

 We performed our class assembly to our mums and dads. We showed our super art work, sang songs and shared our favourite books and book reviews. We spoke out confidently and sang really well. 

Spark fudge- Make £5 grow project

posted 20 Jul 2017, 13:41 by Jenny Sparkes

 Making advertising posters
 Getting our stall ready. 
 Glitter poster!
 Weighing out and packagingCarefully cutting fudge up
 It looks so tempting!
Labelling the packets 
 This year we decided to make a fudge shop for our make £5 grow project. 
We contacted Roly's Fudge in Plymouth and they were kind enough to make the fudge we wanted and sold it to us for a good price. 
We designed logos, taste tested fudge, ordered fudge, weighed out, cut up and packaged the fudge.
We learned lots of new skills including money, weighing, design and letter writing. 
 Our finished stall 

Brilliant Bogs

posted 9 Jul 2017, 15:18 by Jenny Sparkes

What did we find?
 Exploring the bog
 Sound map
 Plant identification
 Listening carefully
 Where are the sounds coming from?
 Bob Marley sheep
 Helping hand
 Found a frog!
 Looking closely
 Identifying creatures
 Cooling off
 Retrieving a dropped net
 We visited a bog (mire) on Dartmoor to learn about why they are an important habitat. We worked with Devon Wildlife Trust to explore this amazing location. The children did lots of classification of plants and creatures using keys and spotter guides. It was a really hot day so the children paddled in the stream to cool off and to catch small fresh water animals. 
It was a brilliant learning experience and a lovely day as well. 


posted 10 Jun 2017, 13:58 by Jenny Sparkes


This week we have been following the NSPCC's PANTS programme. The children really enjoyed making their own Pantasaurus and decorating giant pants.  They also learned some new body part names and were absolutely brilliant about this (Sorry to those parents who have been traumatised by some of the conversations this week!)
It is an important message so if you would like to revisit the song here is the link: Pantosaurus song

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