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Year 4/5 Debating

posted 4 Feb 2019, 04:52 by Kelly Lovick

On Tuesday, we met Alex from the English Speaking Union. Over the next term, we will be learning the skills of debating including how to start a debate, how to formulate our point and how to summarise what we have heard.

We kicked off by holding a Balloon debate. We worked in groups to decide on an inspirational person and then thought of reasons as to why our person should be kept on the sinking balloon. At the end of the discussions, the whole class voted and 3 people remained on the balloon.

Dexter - I found it fun because we played lots of fun games and got to share our ideas with each other.  

Maisie - I liked voting. I never knew that voting was part of debating. In the game we played, my wish that everyone in the world would recycle so that we save our planet.

Imogen - I liked the introduction game. It was about what I would do if I ruled the world

Ollie - It was really good because you got to decide what character you would be, and we were all in a hot air balloon. The hot air balloon was sinking and we had to argue our reasons about why we should be kept in! I was Jeremy Corbyn and I was kept in the balloon.

Isla - I loved playing the game where we decided who could stay in the hot air balloon. We had groups of 3 and decide who really like (famous or not) and my group chose Mrs McLoughin. One person was our spokesperson. We chose Mrs McLoughlin because she is kind, supportive and helps us with all of our learning and making our school amazing.