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There's an artist inside us all

posted 12 Nov 2018, 05:50 by Kelly Lovick

This week we thought about art.

Miss Ryder Green asked us 'what is art?' We came up with lots of ideas including that art is open to our own interpretation. We realised that we think is good might be different to what someone else likes or even sees.

We thought about the qualities that an artist might need. We decided that an artist needs to be patient, persevere, be confident to try new things and be good at collaborating.

We had a tricky challenge outside. We had to draw the landscape in pen without looking at our paper!

Then we had to draw the landscape without taking our pen off of the paper.

When we came back into the classroom we created some collaborative pieces of art looking at different types of landscapes. We observed that all of our final pieces were very different which we decided was a good thing as it shows how we are all unique.