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South West Coast path

posted 1 Oct 2018, 04:51 by Kelly Lovick   [ updated 1 Oct 2018, 05:05 ]

This week we were lucky enough to walk along the South West Coastal Path starting at Noss Mayo. We walked a 3 mile circular walk along the coast and through woods led by our guide Alex. Isla has written a lovely account of what we got up to:

I really enjoyed the Noss Mayo walk because there were great views and activities.

Yesterday, (Tuesday) we went for a 7km walk in Noss Mayo. Firstly, we started our walk and met Alex our guide. We had a safety brief where we went over all the instructions if we come face to face with something or had a problem. After the safety brief, we came to a wall where we measured our paces to see if the wall was 100 metres.

When I came to the wall I counted my footsteps. I was one of the first groups. Every time I took one step on my right foot, it counted as one.  When I got to the end of the wall I found out it was less than 100 metres because I did 88 at school and 56 at Noss Mayo.

Next, we were given some equipment.  I had my partner (Lizzie) and we both got given a map, binoculars and after we found out where we were, we got given a sticker to show where we were on the map.

After the equipment, we started walking again. When we were walking, we were next to a cow field. It was very funny because very unexpectedly we saw 5 cows in the path! The teachers told us to walk across the fence because we didn’t want the cows to do any harm to us. There was black cows, brown cows and white cows.

We did need a break after the cows! We decided to have a rest and do some activities. The first group did some sketching of views whilst the second group explored the lookout hut. When I was sketching I decided to draw a beautiful landscape of the sparkling sea. When I was exploring the hut I noticed that the stairs went into the building. When I was there we saw a big bunch of cotton wool on the floor. Then Poppy saw something on the ceiling… (“Ew! Magots!”) We saw maggots. We all screamed and ran up the hill.

It was time to have lunch. When I was having lunch, there were beautiful views. I saw trees, the harizan, flowers and some animals. It was quite fun having lunch because Finley.M told us some dinosaur jokes and facts! We listened to the jokes for a while and then we looked at the views (a lot of people thought they saw a sinking ship in the sea but it was just smoke!)

I was really excited to walk in the forest where we collected all sorts! I found so many leaves! For example: Oak, beech and sycamore. We also had a talk about tree ID. I learnt some new names as well.

After the forest, we had a blindfold game. I put one hand on Lizzie’s shoulders and one on her hand. We had to control each other along the path it was so fun! It also felt so weird and funny!

We started to walk a little bit more and then the bus came.

Overall, I had a great day. We all said bye and thank you and we went in the bus.