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Public speaking at the National Marine Aquarium

posted 25 Jun 2018, 04:19 by Kelly Lovick
As part of Ocean’s week we sent a team of public speakers to the National Marine Aquarium. 
Maisie and Dexter represented our class and made us all very proud.

We interviewed them about their experience:

What did you do at the aquarium?
We went to the aquarium because we are the ocean ambassadors. We did a talk about reducing the amount of plastic in the ocean.

How did you do in the competition?
We won out of 12 schools so we got a silver trophy that is in a shape of a seahorse. We were chosen as our school has been very committed to reducing plastic and we did a great song!

What was your favourite part of the day?
Maisie- we were very surprised when we won the trophy as we didn’t think we would win. There was lots of other schools that were older than us and did great talks.
Dexter- I really enjoyed going on the tour. We saw a diver cleaning out the tank and we played a jellyfish that was really fun. I can show you how to do a turtle, stingray and shark in sign language if you ask me!

Did you learn any interesting facts?
Yes! We learnt that a jellyfish can sting you without even touching you! Don’t worry though it doesn’t hurt too much and they don’t live in the seas near us.